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Asociación Mallorquina de Pesca Recreativa Responsable

We are fishermen and lovers of the sea. Since 2008 we have been defending sustainable fishing because we start from the basis that the sea is not an unlimited resource and must be taken care of. We like to always go further, encourage responsible attitudes among fishermen and talk to the administration so that it always has the point of view of those of us who live the sea from close proximity, something that we manage to do also at the national level thanks to being part of the Spanish Sustainable Recreational Fisheries Alliance.

For us fishing in the Balearic Islands has unique commercial possibilities in the world, but they are yet to be discovered and require very careful regulations that, from here, we try to expose to the administration. We also take care of the issuance of height fishing and differentiated protection species licenses, and report all regulatory changes that occur overnight, so that there are no problems with inspections or complaints.


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