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Leaders in the construction and management of yachting companies

IPM Group (Iniciativas Portuarias de Mallorca) is a private group of companies in the yachting industry that boast the best equipped facilities on an international level, as well as a team of consultants and professionals with vast experience in the management of top-flight marinas and cutting-edge projects, such as STP Shipyard Palma, Marina Ibiza, Marina Port de Mallorca, Marina Palma Cuarentena, Marina Port Ibiza, Varadero Ibiza and Varadero Valencia.

Our key assets are precisely this experience and technical knowledge, which are also factors that contribute to the success of our projects.

These aspects, together with an in-depth knowledge of users and a constant quest for quality in all areas of our business, have made us a leading brand in the yachting industry as developers, investors, consultants and managers.

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