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ANAVRE is the voice of recreational boaters, carrying out legal, administrative and commercial actions that contribute to the development of nautical activity and the defense of boater’s interests and rights.

At ANAVRE our mission is to defend the user’s interests and make recreational boating an activity accessible to all throughout Spain, pleasant activity and governed by sensible, specific and similar rules to the ones enforced in the surrounding countries.

This initiative arose in 2009 within one of the nautical forums with the longest standing and participation, La Taberna del Puerto, in which traditionally all kinds of questions related to recreational boating are discussed and exposed.

The result is the trust of our partners and collaborating entities, the status of full members of the European Boating Association, as well as a fluid relationship with national and regional authorities with powers over recreational boating. All of this has made us the voice of Spanish sailors not only in Spain, but also in Europe, where their concerns, interests and rights have a voice thanks to the presence of the EBA in multiple EU bodies.

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Rescue drill

ANAVRE, with the collaboration of Maritime Search and Rescue, carried out on May 21 at O Areal beach, in A Pobra, a rescue drill that caused great excitement among the residents. Rafael Ortiz, Delegate of Anavre in Galicia, announced that his intention is to carry out other drills in the region. His intention is to do another drill that is especially interesting as man overboard rescue exercise because several boats are involved.



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