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Teak decks, a super-luxury interior, designer furnishings – all very comfortable and civilised, and yet the Pershing 7x also has a phenomenal top speed of no less than 50 knots! This remarkable combination epitomises the essence of Pershing, all perfectly encapsulated in the fabulous Pershing 7x. At 70ft overall (21.4m) with three beautifully appointed suites, two double and one twin, there is no finer example of a high-speed grand tourer for up to six people.

Even amongst the high-performance company of the Pershing fleet, the 7x is ahead of the pack. Instead of the typical Pershing top speed of 45 knots, the 7x will reach a phenomenal 50 knots. That's 57mph. Ease back to cruising speed, and she will romp along effortlessly at 42 knots, covering some 300nm non-stop in around 7 hours. High-efficiency surface drives are the key to this performance, all very simple to control these days with computer-managed steering and trim.




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Naval Architect


21.4 M


5.35 M

Motor Power

1800 CV - 1774.6 HP

Certificate EC


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