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The Pershing 6x does a lot of things fantastically well. In addition to six-berth accommodation, it delivers a wide variety of day spaces, with outstanding inside-outside integration thanks to a fully retractable aft bulkhead. Equipped with surface drives, it also promises a thrilling 48-knot performance, with an optional joystick control for expert, finger-tip manoeuvring in even the tightest and most challenging marinas.

With a pair of MAN V12 1550hp diesel engines hooked up to surface drives, the Pershing 6x is a first-class driver’s boat. It delivers a top end of 48 knots and brisk, effortless cruising in excess of 40 knots. To make the driving experience as relaxing as it is memorable, the carbon fibre helm station also comes with the option of joystick control for pinpoint finger-tip manoeuvring that will amaze onlookers on the quayside.





Naval Architect


18.94 M


4.8 M

Motor Power

1550 CV - 1528.1 HP

Certificate EC


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