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Welcome to Navily, the most innovative cruising guide & berth booking app! An open door to the sailing community.

With more than 12 000 anchorages and 5000 marinas listed on the app, we are the most influential cruising guide in Europe. Counting more than 350 000 boaters, our community constantly updates the information on anchorages and marinas, sharing their experience and photos with everyone. To this day we count more than 100 000 comments and reviews on almost 20 000 destinations all around the Mediterranean Sea. If you’re searching for the best sailing destinations, we’ve got them!

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Wild anchorages, beautiful landscapes bathing in crystal clear waters, picturesque local marinas, relaxing coastal villages, you will find it all on the first community based digital cruising guide.

Looking for the next paradise-like anchorage ? you will find it on Navily, Looking for the perfect berth for your next stay ? You can book it on Navily. Many more exciting and innovative features are available on Navily, *download our app to discover them all.

Digital Booking Solution (Navily Pro). With more than 700 partner marinas in Europe, Navily has become the most widespread digital booking platform in the Mediterranean Sea, attracting more and more marinas every year.

Offering a user-friendly interface, we support marinas in their digital transition by offering an intuitive and up-to-date digital booking platform with complementary management tools and insights to boost their efficiency.

In addition, we offer marinas the opportunity to develop their digital visibility through their navily profiles, offering visibility boost opportunities through our multiple communication channels.

Learn more about our services and all the benefits you will earn from becoming a partner marina in the video-slides below.

An open door to a sailing community. Are you a nautical business? Do you wish to increase your visibility in a new and innovative way? Do you want to impact boaters from all over Europe? If the answer is yes, Navily could be the solution. There is currently no better way to reach boaters than through Navily. With our top-of-the-range mobile app, you can increase your presence and connect to our vast community of sailors (projected to stand at over half a million by the end of 2021).

Simple cost-effective geographically segmented strategic space dedicated exclusively to nautical professionals In the current era of digital revolution, it is no longer the case that businesses that opt for digital marketing strive ahead, but rather that those who do not, sadly get left behind.

No business is too small or too big. Embrace the change and ensure the future of your business with Navily. If you want more information about what Navily has to offer, do not hesitate to speak with Manuel Pasion.

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