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The constitution of the Clúster took place on 27th November 2008 in Palma de Mallorca.

The main objectives of the Cluster are to create a meeting place for economic and social agents, public administrations, research centres and other entities with interests related to the sea, promote the development of the Balearic maritime sector, stimulate activities that have the sea as a reference, promote training and ensure the creation of an appropriate legal framework to strengthen maritime activities that have the Balearic Islands as their sphere of action, without neglecting the actions that can be carried out outside the territory.

The CMLIB specifies its objectives as setting up joint actions in the maritime field to boost competitiveness, face the technological challenges arising from environmental regulations, create cooperation projects, increase the international presence and image of the Balearic maritime sector and its companies, promote access to innovation and new companies and promote business training and specialised personnel.



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