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Passió per la Mar

Still don't know the multiplatform of Passió per la Mar ? Whether you are passionate about the sea or you are like a fish out of water, we are going to surprise you so that you don't live with your back to the sea.

For over 7 years we have been producing a wide variety of content for you to see, hear and discover the Balearic nautical world through our TV and radio programmes.

Having the sea in your hand is easy! That's why from the renewed website of the programme we offer you the sea in its purest form. Immerse yourself with us and live the sea in first person enjoying the news and reports that surround the Balearic nautical world without missing any detail of everything that happens on our beaches and ports.

A consolidated project that is growing and has the support of the sector. Produced by RECBLAU audiovisuals. We love getting wet... do you? Get wet with us!



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