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To set a course for Menorca is to set a course for an island that is unique in the Mediterranean. The whole island is recognized as a Biosphere Reserve. It demonstrates that developing an economic activity and using up resources can be compatible with preserving both heritage and landscape.

The natural equilibrium achieved is especially noticeable from the open sea. An exceptional way of reaching the island is by boat. The coast is guarded by five imposing lighthouses, loyal team mates of the crossing of Menorcan seas. On the northern coastline, Punta Nati, Cavalleria and Favàritx constitute some of the most incomparable and distinctive landscapes of the island, composed of the most ancient geological material of the Balearic Islands. The seas here form part of the Natural Park of s’Albufera d’es Grau, and of the northern Marine Reserve, between Cap Gros, Illa des Porros Island, and Punta des Morter.

The lighthouses of Isla del Aire and Cap d’Artruix light up a vibrantly coloured coastline to the south. The limestone coast, carved by deep ravines and high cliffs, shelters some of the most important ecological habitats, where glades of Holm oaks and wild olive trees prevail among microclimates and distinctive habitats.

The seas are crystal clear due to the meadows of Posidonia sea grass along the sea bed. These meadows are part of a diverse biological ecosystem. They play an important role in cleansing and oxygenating the water. Sailors can help maintain nature’s equilibrium by using the ecological buoys provided by the LIFE Posidonia programme.



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