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Save The Med is a non-profit organization whose main objective is the REGENERATION OF THE MEDITERRANEAN SEA.

This mission is carried out by the team through marine research, educational programs, collection and analysis of beach rubbish and citizen science activities. This is done with the collaboration of the community and local companies concerned about the deterioration of the environment.

Save The Med is focused on two main areas of work:

Increasing the protection and regeneration of the marine environment through conducting marine research, contributing to the creation of new marine protected areas and helping to improve the management of existing ones.

The reduction of plastic pollution through carrying out educational programs, inciting policy change, citizen science activities and collaborations with local companies to raise awareness and promote changes with an impact on society.

There's more to tuna than what's in the tin!

Join us swimming with endangered Bluefin Tuna, follow us on Youtube and share the video!


Answer the questions in our form and you will be automatically entered in to the raffle to win a Save The Med t-shirt or pocketknife!

MED GHOST FADS is a growing networking platform to reduce hazardous ghost gear in the Mediterranean. It's a collaborative effort between public administrations, port authorities, research institutions, marine wildlife recovery centres, fishermen, diving centres, sailors and more.

The basin-wide fleet helps retrieve ghost gear from the water, sends valuable information for research and facilitates the rescue of entangled wildlife at sea. All of this helps Save the Med take action NOW against ghost gear. Join the network and /or fleet today:

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