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La Bella Verde: pioneers of the green boating movement.

- Recyclable composite boats.

- Solar-electric charter company.

- Franchises.

We started in 2014 as Ibiza's first and only charter company with a 100% solar-electric fleet. After 4 successful years as a day charter company, LBV branched out into boat building.

With sustainability as number 1 objective, we established a beautiful partnership with renowned shipyard Innovation Yachts; together we created the world's first fully recyclable solar-electric composite boat; the LBV35 . The LBV35 is built with volcanic fibres, harmless and recyclable epoxy and FSC-certified balsa wood.

We can confidently claim the LBV35 to be the most sustainable composite boat ever built.

The LBV35 is designed as the perfect day charter boat and is easily transported around the globe because of capability to fit in a 40 ft. container.

Due to the success of our unique day charter approach, we now offer our brand as a franchise around the world.

Live the LBV-experience in Ibiza and in Sydney, and soon in more places around the world!




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